Success Stories

Student Comments

My dissertation committee allowed an unedited defense because they knew you had been retained as my editor.  Now that I  am a faculty member at the University of Redlands, I recommend you to the doctoral candidates I advise.

Christopher H. Hunt, Ed.D.
Faculty Administration MA Program Coordinator
University of Redlands, School of Education

De-mystify the dissertation process.  Work with Wendy Wood to more easily complete the final steps in the degree you have worked so hard for. Being able to have Wendy Wood prepare my dissertation was the best gift I could have given myself!  She brought a fine-tuned eye to the content I had researched, allowing me to rest assured that my dissertation would be the best it could be.  She was focused on the detail that had eluded me, asking me to clarifying meaning in some cases so what I had to say was clearer. In knowing so well the process, she delivered the copies to the right people in a timely fashion—again allowing me to celebrate rather than fret.

Further, I have served on committees for three other ULV candidates and have experienced how she contributes her skills and gifts, really, to the success of others.

Anita F. Thompson
Associate Professor of Education
Chapman University

Wendy is the best.  She has done the final typing and APA editing on all of my doctoral assignments, including my dissertation.  She also has typed both of my books in APA format for submission to the publisher.  My editor on my last book told me it was a treat to have such good use of APA, concluding with, “It was the most effective APA submission she had seen.

Dr. Peggy Deal Redman
La Fetra Family Endowed Chair for Excellence in Teaching and Service
University of La Verne

"I will give the highest possible recommendation to anyone who asks.  Maybe even to those who don't ask."

 "I know you cannot see my smile right now, but believe me when I tell you it goes from ear to ear.  Thank you for your services."

 "Thank you for all the hard work.  I think the service you offer is amazing.  It has been a painless process and I thank you immensely for that!" 

 "I really appreciate all of your excellent work. . . . I appreciate the commitment to excellence . . . and I thank you for meeting the deadline (with time to spare).  I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues."

 "I would like to thank you for all your help.  You have been a great advisor/editor.  I can't imagine how I could have done this without your excellent support."

 "I am confident that without your valued assistance, I would have been fumbling around still trying to complete the task."

 "All of the vocabulary and syntactical changes were great!  You have a real eye for detail.  I sincerely appreciate all of your time and energy on this.  I can't thank you enough for working on it quickly."

 "Thank you for the impressive work you did to make my dissertation both accurate and attractive."

 "This check doesn't really repay what you ladies have done for me.  I will always be in your debt.  Thank you."

Faculty Member Comments

"The work you do for our students is professional and supportive.  Thank you for your wonderful work with faculty and students." 

"You are so well regarded by each student who works with you.  Thank you for the continued quality care you give each person.  I remember when I was in their boots and you served me so very well."

 "Your work is excellent. I sit on many committees and must tell you how important your work is to our students!"